Eco Friendly--Reduces Noise--Lowers Energy Costs--Protects Against Moisture Penetration--Prevents/Repairs Construction Defect

The Perfect Window Reveal technology provides a revolutionary way to seal the window-to-wall connection, allowing for unprecedented protection against sound, heat, wind, and moisture transfer.

Traditional windows don't fit perfectly into a wall opening, so builders rely upon the imprecise and inefficient application of layers upon layers of mud, taping, caulking, fur strips and other materials, to bridge the window to wall connection. Unfortunately, these materials must be applied by hand, and in layers, which is a time consuming, expensive, and imperfect solution, often adding days to the building of a house. Over time, cracks inevitably start to form around the perimeter of the window, leading to moisture penetration and degradation around the window frame. In fact, each year billions of dollars are spent worldwide replacing these failing windows, in addition to the money spent on added energy costs associated with poor insulation.

The Perfect Window Reveal technology is breaking new ground in the window industry. It's easy and fast to install, provides complete and lasting insulation around a window, reducing carbon footprint and improving energy costs, and has been shown to withstand high wind and water pressure in the latest testing by ATI (link to report?).

Watch our short video to learn more about the many benefits of Perfect Window Reveal, and join the window revolution!